The term "unicus" is latin for unique. This is the best moniker for what we are all about; we provide unique education and information management services. As a solution partner, we consult with Engineering, R&D, Technical Support, IT, and Training organizations to help companies obtain, implement, and effectively use technologies.

We offer education and information management services. Our education services provide cost-effective, instructor-led courses and seminars that keep people up-to-date on the latest technologies and techniques, so that as a team they can be effective, innovative, and create competitive advantages.

Our education is designed to be easily understood with a high level of retention. Education is ineffective unless people can retain their new knowledge and apply it. We use many teaching techniques and materials to help with retention. All topics and concepts are explained clearly and with many examples. Talented people are a significant corporate asset. Developing people skills and natural talents is how we help.

Our information management services can consult with you to understand, obtain, implement, and effectively use technologies, in a design that works for your company. We are solution focused, meaning we want to learn about your efforts and offer the best solutions to implement.