Information Management Solutions
We can help you work with and manage the necessary data your firm needs to conduct business. Data analysis and data analytics is our specialty. Our information management services have evolved toward creating the kinds of solutions firms need to handle their data needs.

The primary goal of an information management solution is to provide the knowledge that leads to timely and accurate decision making, help with tasks, and information for studies and analysis. Many companies are relying on databases that, while providing the "information" based on the underlying data, do not provide "knowledge". Helping firms work with data using our analysis model supports the use of data for creating knowledge.

Software Projects
We can help you design, create, and deliver high-quality software products. Most software development groups get into trouble finishing and delivering software products because they wander off the original focus much like a car weaving down the road because the driver is distracted. It most cases, the "driving" is worse for development groups because the technologies they use are changing at a rapid pace making it hard to keep up-to-date. Keeping the focus is the challenge.

While there is no cookie cutter, "one-size-fits-all", methodology to software development, we tend to be most successful with our modified version of Rapid Application Development (RAD). RAD is appealing because it allows for a tolerable level of a design-on-the-fly practice, focuses on quick and quality delivery, and minimizes the amount of documentation required prior, during, and after development and delivery. RAD is accepted more today because of the ability to design/develop the user interface with a minimum of coding. Seeing the user interface during the development process allows for quick and subtle changes during the process.

We can address the Planning, Risk Assessment, Milestones with Deliverables, Development and Delivery, and the Limited Availability aspects of your software development efforts.

New Product Development
We can help with project management for new product creation. Most project management efforts tend to use a methodology that works great if all your projects are efforts you have done before. For example, constructing a 10-story office building, while requiring a high level of coordination with many vendors and the schedule milestones met toward completion, is doable for a construction firm in the business of building 5 to 25 story office complexes.

Project managing creative endeavors is quite another story. R&D organizations building products that haven't existed before need a special type of project management to not only better predict realistic milestone dates for management, but to truly deliver a complete product on schedule.